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Identify pros and cons of a situation

Build solutions to realworld issues

Creative problem solving & critical thinking 

Present and improvise



Kids with Capes

Public speaking is an essential life skill that everyone will have to face, whether in school, in an extracurricular activity, or in a future career. This camp offers the fundamentals of confident public speaking to your rising 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th Grader without any needed prerequisites. We will focus on developing three main skills: argumentation, critiquing, and delivery. Your child will learn how to form his or her own opinion, refute opinions they don’t agree with, and practice the basics of confident and clear public speaking. We will use age-appropriate content to keep your child engaged and excited while they are learning these valuable techniques. Your child will finish the camp with greater confidence and be equipped with basic tools they will cherish for life.

Debate Course 

​Did you know that one of the most common phobias is the fear of public speaking?

Class Schedule

30 minutes

Lesson on skill of the day

  • Presenting an exhibit (including video/movie clips, poetry, engaging stories, opinion articles, & speeches)

  • Teaching “skill of the day”

30 minutes
“Detective Time!” 

  • Think, Pair, Share

  • Identifying patterns & Drawing connections

  • Group discussions

50 minutes

"Make it Your Own!”

  • Recreating the exhibit in your own way (express yourself!)

  • Friendly debates & Fun writing exercises

  • Public speaking practice

Purple, White and Orange Modern Discover
Purple, White and Orange Modern Discover

Rebekah Agwunobi is student at Columbia University who has been conducting research at MIT for three years. Her elective Public Speaking course “Women in STEM x Research Methods” builds upon existing public speaking and debate skills to generate quantitative and qualitative arguments about STEM case studies and subject matter. The class will discuss social issues and identity as they relate to STEM and introduce research processes and methodology in digestible ways. This class does not require extensive STEM knowledge but will engage and apply analytical thinking to learn about new topics such as designing case studies, gene editing, and data analysis.